WE ARE i60STUDIOS, a multifaceted company run by media experts and marketing specialists providing “Industry Ready” services to you.

Covering all major aspects of multimedia, we utilize the best of our services to ensure that your business stands out amongst the rest. From filming and video services to advertising, live events, print marketing, graphic design, web development, and more, we offer the full industry solution.

Aim and Vision

  • We started i60Studios with the aim to establish a centralized multimedia agency in the industry that has all kinds of solutions. We are looking to eradicate the need for turning to different companies and offering clients a solution to have their individual or multiple media services completed through I60 Studios.
  • It is our vision to help every client get to the top of their field by implementing expert and high quality services to their name.

Industry Ready

Our trademark, Industry Ready, reflects i60Studios as a professional agency with high quality solutions awaiting you. In our agency, our services are immediately available to you, like selecting from a portfolio and choosing what you need. Furthermore, the quality of our service is industry-worthy, utilizing the most forward of industry techniques and solutions to deliver what we promise.

With an experienced team of Videographers, Marketers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Programmers, and Photographers managed by media and marketing specialists, we hit the mark when it comes to being Industry Ready.

i60Studios: A Single Solution

i60Studios removes the need for your business to require different companies for different projects. We cover everything with our extensive range of services, thereby helping you save money and efforts and allowing you to rely on one consistent agency for all your multimedia needs.